Completing a Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)


General Information

The SOFI forms and instructions are available at the bottom of the page.
If you have any questions or concerns about the SOFI documents, or require more clarification, please direct all inquiries towards LLB [at]

The Financial Information Act

Every public library and library federation in British Columbia is deemed to be a “corporation” under the terms of the Financial Information Act (FIA). As per Section 2 of the FIA, the SOFI is a legislated reporting requirement for all public libraries and library federations.

The SOFI is also a reporting requirement for libraries and federations as part of grant eligibility and the Ministry of Education’s accountability framework.

Public Library / Library Federation Responsibilities

  • Use the New Checklist, Table of Contents, and submission process
  • Submit the SOFI on or before the deadline to the Libraries Branch
  • The SOFI must meet all FIA reporting requirements

Ministry of Education’s Role

The Libraries Branch is the main point of contact for library SOFI submissions for the Ministry of Education and ensures receipt of all library SOFI submissions.  The Ministry monitors compliance to the FIA, the Financial Information Regulation, the Directive, and reports to the Ministry of Finance.

  • The Ministry may contact you directly for clarification, corrections or omissions.
  • Non-compliance may result in delayed or discontinued payment of provincial library grants.


Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance’s website provides information regarding completing a Statement of Financial Information.

The Library Commons website provides:

  • Forms, Templates, and Samples developed to support library SOFI process are available for download.
  • All libraries must submit a Table of Contents (#01) and FIA checklist (#02).
  • Use the table below to identify which resources you need.

NOTE: All instructions, forms, schedules, templates, and samples for will be posted by (estimated date). All previous versions will be removed from this page.

Required Documents PDF DOCX
Instructions Sheet PDF DOCX
00 – Email to Library Directors PDF DOCX
01 – Table of Contents PDF DOCX
02 – Financial Information Act Submission Checklist PDF DOCX
03 – Board Approval Form PDF DOCX
04 – Management Report PDF DOCX
06 – Schedule of Debt (NIL) PDF DOCX
07 – Schedule of Guarantee and Indemnity Agreements PDF DOCX
08 – Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses PDF DOCX
09 – Statement of Severance Agreements PDF DOCX
10 – Statement of Changes in Financial Position PDF DOCX
11 – Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services PDF DOCX
Sample Schedules – *Completed for reference only
SAMPLE – Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services PDF DOCX
SAMPLE – Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses PDF DOCX


  1. Save each document separately. The forms can be saved as PDF files, and the schedules as .doc Word files.
  2. Please submit the SOFI package to the Libraries Branch at LLB [at] The email should be titled [Library Name-SOFI-].
  3. Within the email, please attach each document separately. DO NOT submit the SOFI document as one large document.
  4. Upon initial receipt of the completed SOFI by the Libraries Branch, you will receive an email acknowledgement. As mentioned above, you may be contacted by the Ministry if there are any questions about your submitted SOFI.


Should you have difficulty meeting the deadline, please contact the Libraries Branch immediately.  If a Board is unable to submit a completed SOFI by the legislated deadline, an FIA Checklist must be submitted, along with as much SOFI documentation as possible. A letter outlining the reasons for non-compliance and listing the expected SOFI completion date must also be included.

Should you have any questions on completing the SOFI, please contact the Libraries Branch at 1-800 663-7051 or LLB [at]