Professional Learning

Professional learning is fundamental to the future of strong libraries, so that libraries may continue to deliver quality library services to British Columbians.

The Libraries Branch will support professional learning in many different ways. We will continue to deliver focused training such as the in-person Rural Library Day, based on the needs you identify for us. We will also highlight the wide range of professional learning opportunities available across the province, Canada and in the US.

We will also be looking for opportunities to partner with other library organizations to identify learning needs, share or broaden access to available training, or develop shorter training modules where options are limited or the BC context is not covered.

A Shared Service Approach

Many libraries and federations already share their expertise and professional learning opportunities. The Libraries Branch would like to highlight these opportunities, and find ways to encourage the delivery of these training opportunities beyond our usual groups or partners.

We will be working with many of our partners, such as BCLA, Library Federations, BC Libraries Cooperative, as well as our partners outside of the public library system, including the Ministry of Advanced Education, academic libraries, BC Teacher Librarians Association, and Libraries Branches across the country who are all interested in contributing to the formation of a stronger and richer network of professional development and learning.

An example of this work is our collaboration with the BCLA on a survey of all of their members and contacts. This survey will include a set of questions on professional learning and training and will help identify the learning needs and interests across the library community, as well as the best ways to meet them. This survey will reach approximately 1800 of the library community, and we encourage you to take part.

If you have any questions, please contact our Professional Learning Lead, Cindy Ralph, at Cindy.Ralph [at] or at 778-679-2007.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a CLTP graduate, does this mean my certificate of completion is no longer valid?
A: Yes your certificate is still  valid and valued. We will work to ensure that those who have already gained a certificate of completion and this training will continue to be recognized and valued throughout the province.

Q: I have only completed a couple of CLTP courses, are these courses still valid?
A: Yes, we want to assure you that the CLTP courses you have completed so far are still recognized throughout the province, even if you have not been able to fully complete the program certificate.

Q: I am only part way through the program, with no CLTP courses being offered now how will I work towards the certificate?
A: Please work with your library’s Director or HR department to identify other learning opportunities available that will meet your learning needs and career path.

Q: Certain job descriptions and postings in some libraries require specific CLTP courses; how will this be managed?
A: The Libraries Branch is recommending that these libraries change and update their job requirements and postings to reflect this change and to include equivalent or comparable training.

Q: How do we get involved with the conversation on professional learning?
A: The Libraries Branch wants to hear your ideas on how we can best support professional learning across the sector. There will be both online and in-person opportunities available to discuss professional learning as well as to identify your learning needs. Stay tuned for more on this to come.

Professional Learning Opportunities

This list is on behalf of the BCLA Continuing Education Committee.

There are plenty of fabulous professional development opportunities to choose from this month. Please consider registering for one or more of the following webinars:

**Summer offerings coming soon**

Check out Open Culture‘s list of 1,100 free online courses


On behalf of the Continuing Education Committee,