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Our ILL software provider Auto-Graphics has initiated a migration to a new interface for SHAREit, also known as the OutLook OnLine union database and AGent ILL system. Libraries Branch is working in conjunction with our partners BC ELN (for post secondary libraries) and InterLINK to provide consistent service and the best possible migration. If your library patrons access OutLook OnLIne from the your website, you will need to update the URL  by June 30th 2014.

Please use the tools below to assist your library on a smooth migration. We will add information as it becomes available.

Set-up Instructions

Updated Instructions for 4.0 Interface:

Ongoing Issues and the Bug Report:

Bug Report -last updated July 28th (click to view)

  1. Z targets such as UVIC, UBC and SFU are not being adding into the Lender List. You will need to add them if they displayed in the record and you want to place a request with them. You can also send a blank request.

2. Advanced Search using the drop down menus (Any, All etc) may result in zero items. Try a different search such as author or a different type of title search. Bugs are being reported to vendor. Forward to specific examples,  illsupport [at] bclibrary.ca.

3.  Patron tracking of Requests (not currently enabled) Bug Reported to vendor.

4. Patron Request Button has disappeared

Answer:  There are 2 different places you must make changes to your account.

  • 1. Update your ILL Permissions  Updating ILL permissions for Guests and Staff handout.
  • 2. Follow this path of instructions:
    Staff Menu > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record
    Then scroll down to “Show Request This Button” and put a checkmark in the     [ ] Guests     option.

Commonly Asked Questions ….and the Answers!

I can’t see the search box or staff menu when I log-in.
A: This often happens after an update. You will need to clear your Browser Cache. See Setting Browser Settings above for further instructions.

My staff account makes all  requests go into pending. They used to be approved. How do I fix that?
A: Review the Updating Staff Accounts Handout above. You will need to update your user ILL permissions.

How do I change the URL on my website?
A: for PLOT or LibPress libraries contact the BC Libraries Cooperative. PLOT libraries will need to include http://

I tried the new URL but it redirects somewhere else. Is that supposed to happen?

A:Yes. Per the setup guide, the base URL for staff and patrons for your library is http://bcuc-agent.auto-graphics.com/mvc?cid=bcuc&lid=XXXX&reset=force  with the XXXX replaced by your library’s ILL code. When you enter that, the browser will redirect to a new URL http://bcuc-agent.auto-graphics.com/mvc/

Which URL should I bookmark?
A: You must bookmark the URL provided  which includes your library code , NOT  [http://bcuc-agent.auto-graphics.com/mvc/ ]

What’s the log-in for the new system?
My staff have always shared one login. Can they keep doing that?
How can I administer our staff accounts?

A: Use the same login & password combination you use on the old system. If your staff have been sharing an account, they can keep doing that. However, note that the system will not allow two users to log in at the same time with the same account. If your staff might be doing this, they need separate accounts. Staff accounts can be managed, and new accounts created, on the User Admin tab in the Staff Menu area.

Where is the Find the Blank Request Form?
The Blank request form is turned off by default, to turn it back on you will need to do this for each account:
ILL Admin–> Maintain Participant Record–> Scroll down to to Show Blank Request Form choose Staff, then Submit. The form now appears on the left side menu in the ILL Admin Tab.

My library allows patrons to place their own requests. In the new interface, the Request button is missing in the guest view (the not-logged-in view).
A: Patron-initiated requesting is turned off by default. (see instructions below)
A: As of August 1st Patron Request Button requires that you update ILL permission in User Accounts. Updating ILL permissions for Guests and Staff handout.

To turn it on, here’s the path:
Staff Menu > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record
Then scroll down to “Show Request This Button” and put a checkmark in the     [ ] Guests     option.

I am having trouble with my display. The buttons are overlapping and it is hard to read. What do I do?
What is the best browser to use?

Make sure you are using the most updated versions of Firefox or Chrome. You will not be able to use ILL Admin functions in Internet Explorer. Patrons should be able to use IE for searching but it is not recommended. It is recommended that you add the URL as a book marke and ensure that it is also added as an approved site. 

If you continue to have issues try the following:

How come I keep getting Zero results for know items?
A: It is possible this is a issue with the search functions you have selected. Try again using a different search such as by title only or author only.  You may also need to log out and log back in to ensure that you can conduct a fresh search and not have issues with caching. I


Mari Martin illsupport [at] bclibrary.ca
InterLink Libraries: Gordon Coleman gordonc [at] eln.bc.ca

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