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Why Change?
There are radical changes in world of information and knowledge: there’s more information, more easily available, delivered in many new ways. There is less money available, and growing public demand for transparency in how public organizations are run. There are significant changes in how individuals and communities work and communicate with each other.

Great Transformation
Transformation isn’t new computers, more staff or an exciting new program.
Transforming libraries is changing minds about what libraries can do. First our own, then our partners, then our communities.
It’s about making sure that what we change is anchored in the needs of those we serve.
It’s about ensuring that the changes we make do what we wanted.

Where Are We Going?
Each library has, of course, individual needs, challenges and solutions. The path to finding those solutions, however, is one we can take together. Libraries and Literacy is working to encourage library transformation through increased accountability, improved communication between libraries, improved communication between libraries and communities, and increasing the help available to those who are working to transform. The Changing Times; Inspiring Libraries Summit, in December, 2012, began the discussion, showing attendees examples of what’s being done elsewhere, and the great things that happen when libraries reach out.

This Site
This site is an attempt to gather information, resources and discussion to help libraries of all kinds, public, school, post secondary or specialty, meet the needs of a rapidly changing knowledge landscape. It is not about improving those things libraries already do and do well. Libraries are beloved for good reasons. By continually improving what we already do well, we honour that love and respect. By working to transform as we meet the future, we ensure that love will continue to grow.

The site is a place to bring knowledge, and discuss it. With the help of you and many others, it will continue to change and grow. We do not take a position on the validity or benefits of the information presented here, but hope the knowledge base will grow to encompass the many perspectives and resources that we need to move forward together, while finding our own solutions.

Where to Start
Many libraries are already changing how they work. Others are just beginning. What’s clear is that great transformation starts with great conversations: with each other to spark new ideas, with our patrons to understand their changing needs, and with our community leaders and partners to discover how the library can be a part of the community’s solutions. The links above have a few places to begin:

  • Experts and Opinions – A place where we can all learn about local and international library transformation, ask our questions and contribute to the conversation about what works
  • What’s Happening – A showcase of the transformations already happening in BC, and around the world.
  • Transformation Supports  – A few tools and resources for those starting out.