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Without editorializing too much, we’ll do our best to reflect the current state of thoughts and opinions about library transformation in the links on this page. If you know something about library transformation or have some information you don’t see reflected here, let us know!

The Discussion

Commons Discussion Forum on Library Transformation
(site login required, but worth it. If you’re part of BC’s library community or a library partner, please sign up)

Changing Times, Inspiring Libraries Transformation Summit – December 2012, with David Lankes, Ken Roberts, Andrew Petter, and examples of the transformation work being done across the BC Library sector

Big Ideas in Library Transformation

Transforming Libraries Website – American Library Association – Deep resource with sections on Community RelationshipsEbooks & Digital ContentLibrary Leadership & ManagementLibrary WorkforcePhysical SpaceServicesUser Expectations

David Lankes – Expecting More from Libraries – Blog, Books (Expect More, The Atlas of New Librarianship), Videos (From December 2012’s Changing Times, Inspiring Libraries Summit)

Ken Roberts – Transformation and Canadian Libraries, Facing the Future, A Report on the future of libraries for the Province of British ColumbiaVideos (From December 2012’s Changing Times, Inspiring Libraries Summit)

Big Issues in Transformation

Got some more information in one of these areas? Got another area? Let us know!

New Ways to Use the Library


Harvard Library Test Kitchen – Library innovation think tank and test lab


Service innovation in academic libraries: is there a place for the customers? – Scupola, Ada and Hanne Westh Nicolajsen. 2010
A discussion of service innovation in academic libraries, using customers as part of the design process. Includes design models and case study from Danish University.

Pivots for Change and Libraries – The Unquiet Librarian – Blog post – Discussion of how to manage change while maintaining what works

Manufacturing Makerspaces – American Libraries Magazine – Overview of Libraries and Makerspaces

The Innovative Dutch: Libraries, Universities and Research Institutes in the Netherlands – Overview of innovative library practice in the Netherlands –

Changing Library Spaces


Designing Libraries – UK Website discussing library design and innovation: a resource for library planning and design, a database of library buildings and a marketplace for services


The Learning Commons – Video showing Learning Commons development in BC

Dunston School Library redesign video – Winner of the UK’s School Library Association Library Design Award

Learning 4 Life – American Library Association – Transforming school libraries for 21st C learning and teaching – Discussion and toolkit

Community Engagement, Democracy and Discussion


David Lankes – Library as Platform: Unlocking the Potential of Our Communities – Presentation


Libraries and Democratic Life: Promoting Civic Engagement
Adam Davis, Director, Project for Civic Reflection

Libraries in Communities, Working Together Project

The Engaged Library – Report on Community Engagement through Chicago Libraries

Technology, eBooks and Knowledge Access


Stephen Abram, Librarian and Library Consultant – New Stephen’s Lighthouse Blog

Christina Neigel, Faculty, University of the Fraser Valley – Libraries and Information Science Blog

E.voke – Colorado blog looking at library management of emerging electronic content mediums

Local Government Library Technology Wiki – UK overview of all local government library systems and vendors, with research and discussion on library technology issues, including RFID, eBooks, etc.

Thomas Frey, Futurist – The Future of Libraries


 Teleread – Libraries – news blog with stories on libraries and technology (mostly eBooks and virtual libraries)

The New Librarian and Professional Change


David Lankes, Library transformation advocate, Syracuse University iSchool Faculty – New Librarianship Masterclass, Amsterdam, Aug 2012 – Overview of many of the issues concerning the potential for change in librarianship


Library Leadership that Creates and Sustains Innovation, Michael Germano, Library Leadership and Management