Adapting to 21st Century Learning – The Learning Commons

Challenge – Adapting to 21st century learning. School libraries and librarians are faced with the challenge of maintaining their voice and advocating for their libraries with competing school priorities.

Solution – creating a 21st century learning model, school libraries are increasingly reinventing themselves as “learning commons”. A learning commons is a physical and virtual space where educators, teacher-librarians and students collaborate to achieve learning outcomes.

Result – school libraries have become the hub of student and teacher activity within their schools. The space is no longer only used to house and check out books. It is a place where students learn to be critical thinkers and where their uniqueness as learners can be explored. The learning commons has the student at the centre and works as a learning laboratory that is the foundation of all learning at the school.

Please enjoy The Learning Commons in BC video that showcases the transformation of traditional libraries to the learning commons model. This video includes a sampling from elementary and secondary schools to post-secondary institutions.

This video reflects the depth, complexity and creativity that are integral to library programs for learners of all ages. It helps to explain where the future will take us. Even as more libraries move to the learning commons model, there is much to be done; library users will continue to look to libraries as a trustworthy, reliable source of information.